Main features of the software are to allows access to quick, easy drop down lists or tick lists, to provide the meeting agenda/minute framework, so that the user merely completes the content.

Items produced include

  • Agendas
  •  Minutes
  •  Action Lists
  • Councillors’ meeting diaries


  • Committee definitions and Councillor membership
  • Details of all Councillors, Staff, Officers and non-Councillors


  • Prepare a schedule of all meetings
  • Flexible diary reports, e.g. meeting date report for an individual Councillor or Committee


  • Lists of agenda subjects maintained on a committee basis and used to create agendas
  • Further information can simply be added to the subject prior to producing the agenda
  • Different headers and footers can be created for different Committee agendas
  • Existing agendas can be used and then altered to create new agendas quickly


  • Can choose to use the agenda layout or a previous set of minutes for writing the new minutes
  • Confidential sections can be identified and printed separately
  • Different headers and footers can be created for different Committee minutes
  • Record the attendance of Councillor members
  • Reporting facility to search through minutes to find every occurrence of when a subject was discussed

Action Lists

  • Produces Action Lists and allows these to be carried forward or completed as required
  • All reports easily exported to Microsoft Word/Excel or e-mailed directly to Councillors

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