Main features included in the software are:

  • Management of 1 or more allotment sites, unlimited sites and plots
  • A record of information relating to each allotment plot including
    • Allotment number
    • Allotment size
    • Allotment unit – user definable (ie. perch, rod pole etc)
    • Allotment holder details and residency status
    • Costing information and allotment status information
    • Discount and surcharge information
    • Water rate charge
    • Key deposits
    • Date entry for the last inspection of each Allotment
  • Option of retaining details of previous allotment holders
  • Searching facilities
  • Document templates (user defined) and mailmerge including reminder notices, invoices, allotment agreements and notices to quit etc
  • Waiting list
  • Various reports including a list of vacant allotments
  • All reports easily exported to PDF/Word/Excel or emailed directly to Councillors
  • Integrates with the AdvantEDGE Finance
    •  Income transactions can be transferred to the finance module
    • Record receipts in Allotments or AdvantEDGE Finance
  • Mapping (separately chargeable)
  • Links with digital map created by Pear Technology

Click Here to download an information sheet on AdvantEDGE Allotments

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