AdvantEDGE Finance Lite software provides the necessary features for effective day to day accounts management together with Account and Audit Regulation facilities.

Finance Lite is on a receipts and payments basis, which allows the user to have complete control over the finances of the Council. Financial reports can be quickly and easily produced. All financial information can be controlled for individual Committees as well as for the Council as a whole.

Receipts and Payments (R&P)

Set-up & Daily Usage

  • Bank and Cash accounts including bank transfers
  • Multiple Committees
  • Budget Headings to 3 levels of sub-headings for even greater control
  • Budget amounts to the lowest sub-heading level for the current year and the next financial year
  • Virement facilities and revised budgets
  • Easy to use Receipts and Payments data entry with user defined VAT types and rates
  • Section 137 and section 106 (CIL)
  • Facility to work on multiple years concurrently
  • Assets Register including stocks and investments plus an insurance schedule facility
  • Contra transactions
  • Journal transfers
  • Sales Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Regular Payments/Receipts


  • Schedule of payments for approval at a meeting
  • Receipts and Payments Summary of accounts
  • VAT reports, cheque reports, paying in reference reports, section 137 reports and section 106 (CIL)
  • Ledger reports for customers, suppliers, receipts, payments
  • Analysis of receipts and payments by committee and/or budget headings
  • Bank reconciliations and reports
  • Comparisons of budgeted and actual figures
  • Credit Control reports
  • Annual Return figures
  • Full audit trail
  • All reports easily exported to PDF/Word/Excel or e-mailed directly to Councillors

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