AdvantEDGE Planning allows the user to keep track of all the planning applications dealt with by the Council. It is specifically designed to mimic the process that Local Councils use for planning applications. The main features provided are:

Day to Day Planning

  • Stores details of all planning applications
  • Allows entry of comments and decision notices
  • Records details of appeals and amendments
  • Referencing by application number, District Council
  • Reference and other user defined references
  • Flexible reports – applications to be commented on, decisions reported, individual plan details
  • District Council Return produced
  • Extensive searching capabilities including case sensitive and partial match searches and searches
    for words within the text of the application, comment, decision or appeal
  • Spellchecks your applications and comments (if required)
  • Create your own letters for mailmerge
  • Upload to web site

Planning History

  • Record and retrieve applications within a particular ward
  • Categorised plans, e.g. a Listed Building application. Categories are user defined and unlimited within AdvantEDGE Planning
  • Record Comment type (e.g. No Objections) and Decision Type (e.g. Refused)
  • Very flexible searching and retrieval available by various means including user categories, Grid Reference, Street, Comment type etc.
  • Best Value Analysis reports available.
  • All reports easily exported to Microsoft Word or Excel, or e-mailed directly from AdvantEDGE.

Optional Extras (separately chargeable)

  • Link with mapping software to display address locations of planning applications

Web Link

  • Automatically produce html files for upload to your website – allows applications, comments and decisions to be accessible to the public with no extra work from you.

Click Here to download an information sheet on AdvantEDGE Planning

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