Log4Shell Security Update

None of our products have been effected by the security vulnerability detected on 9th November known as Log4Shell. Please continue to use our products as normal and we will continue monitoring the situation, keeping you working smoothly and your information safe.

Cloud Based Solutions

Cloud based solutions providing business continuity and efficiencies – not just a COVID fad There have been some positives from the COVID-19 pandemic. Personally, as a clerk and member of the team at EDGE, I have enjoyed having more time for my allotment and developed a newfound appreciation of my son’s school. We’ve all learned […]

Using AdvantEDGE to Enhance your Website

Our cloud based, administration software provides live content and functionality for your website. Here are two examples for AdvantEDGE Facilities Bookings and Epitaph, and there are more planned for the future. Online Bookings • Clearly display the current availability of your facilities. • Easy access for the public to make booking enquiries with one simple […]

Paperless Administration with Epitaph

Writing anything in advance of publication is a dangerous proposition at present; we are told that we are heading towards a ‘new normal’ but what that actually means is anybody’s guess. We’re told that over 80% of people do not want to return to the ‘old normal’; there is a determination that the sacrifice that […]

SolarWinds Security Advisory

The security alert reported yesterday on international news for the SolarWinds ORION platform does not affect the SolarWinds RMM (Remote Management and Monitoring) platform and Sentinel One used by EDGE to provide IT support. The attack in March and June was targeted at the United States Government who are now co-ordinating the appropriate response which […]

Only Way Forward is Paperless

With COVID-19 there is a profound need for paperless administration, helping keep staff safe by facilitating social distancing, home working and empowering Councils. Unlike the last pandemic in 1918 we have the technology in 2020 to make paperless administration a practical proposition for every Local Council, no matter how small or how challenging IT is […]

Flexible Working during the Pandemic

Is remote working going to be part of the new norm for the foreseeable future? It protects our environment by reducing the need to travel and it gives us all a better work-life balance whilst providing the necessary information at our fingertips. The pandemic has forced all of us to re-evaluate our working practices and […]

AdvantEDGE Finance – Free Training Session Offer

Firstly, I hope you and your staff are all safe and well. During the lockdown EDGE IT have continued to provide full support and assistance to in all areas: AdvantEDGE, Epitaph and IT Support. We have been successfully utilising Microsoft Teams for our online training sessions and had great feedback from attendees, as well as […]

Staying Safe and Epitaph

The team at EDGE appreciate the challenges that you are facing on the front line, and we are doing whatever we can to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic. As Epitaph is cloud based software, our clients have been able to continue administering their crematoria and cemeteries as normal, from wherever and whenever they need […]