The current status of the software as a service is:



Service Component Status Comment
Data Centre Normal Currently EDGE data centre in Coventry
Internet Connections Normal
Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Normal
Web portals and mobile apps Normal
AdvantEDGE software Normal
Epitaph software Normal
Type of Maintenance Period   Comment
Daily 00:40 to 00:55 Daily EDGE IT RemoteApps unavailable whilst Microsoft Remote Desktop Service servers rebooted.
Daily 01:00 to 06:00 Daily AdvantEDGE and Epitaph updates released. Users logged on will not receive updates.
Weekly 04:45 to 05:30 Thursday Servers are updated and rebooted on a 4 week rotation, so different servers rebooted each week.
The outages in the last 30 days are as follows:
Type of Outage Period   Comment
Unscheduled 07:42 to 09:26 05/10/21 Tuesday RemoteApps users connecting to server 153 operational, but users connecting to server 152 unable to open applications. Standby server 154 deployed instead of 152. 23:40 server 152 operational after resetting email facility damaged as a consequence of yesterday’s problem.
Unscheduled 11:17 to 12:44 04/10/21 Monday Security certificate problem prevented access to Remote Desktop Services and portals. Users already logged onto Remote Desktop Services could operate. Portals operational from 12:34.
Unscheduled 10:39 to 10:50 05/09/21 Sunday Epitaph down for extra database server maintenance.
Unscheduled 13:10 to 13:20 17/07/21 Saturday RemoteApps down for essential gateway and SQL server maintenance.
Unscheduled 22:50 to 22:55 17/07/21 Saturday Epitaph down for essential SQL server maintenance.


We operate a traffic light system to indicate the status of our software as a service for AdvantEDGE and Epitaph:

Status Status Explanation
Normal Normal service
Warning Problematic but operational
Fault Service unavailable