AdvantEDGE Finance – Free Training Session Offer

Firstly, I hope you and your staff are all safe and well.

During the lockdown EDGE IT have continued to provide full support and assistance to in all areas: AdvantEDGE, Epitaph and IT Support. We have been successfully utilising Microsoft Teams for our online training sessions and had great feedback from attendees, as well as keeping everyone safe.

It has been a pleasure to work with many of you helping you to complete your year end process. Whilst we all continue during this pandemic to adapt to a new work pattern whether that be working from home, or limiting time spent in our usual work surroundings, we would like to offer some free short, 20 minute training sessions to help you utilise AdvantEDGE Finance better. Whilst watching many people use the software recently we have noticed that there are often tips and tricks we can point out to improve usage. If there are any areas that you find time consuming or confusing, any areas you know little about and would like to know more, or would simply like us to watch and talk you through a process, then this might be for you. We have sent a document that covers the various areas within Finance that we use for training, this might help you decide. We would also like to suggest the option of seeing the new month end process that we recommend – doing this every month will make your next year end process much easier.

If you have not received the email, or would like take up this offer, please email requesting a free session be booked. We shall schedule these sessions in at 16:30, so please advise which days you would prefer.

Best regards


Finance End of Year Preparation – Week 4 of 8

Most of you will now know that PK Littlejohn’s have deferred the sending out of the AGAR until they have more clarity from central Government. At this time the Government has not changed the timetable for Town and Parish Councils, so it is important that we carry on as normal at this time.

Here at EDGE, we want you to be in a position to finish your 2019/20 accounts by the 3rd or 4th week in April, so you can get on with the new 2020/21 financial year regardless of COVID-19.

Today, we are half way through the 8 week plan that we circulated in February, and the following should hopefully be completed by now:
1. Start of year position on 1st April 2019 checked against last years’ accounts and the finalised AGAR.
2. All bank accounts reconciled up to 29 February 2020.
3. Verified that most recent bank reconciliations do not include any unpresented items older than 3 to 6 months.

If you are struggling with your end of year preparation and require assistance please contact us now, so that we can book you in and start to get you back on track with the 8 week plan.

There is no charge for simple and straight forward end of year queries that can be dealt within 15 minutes, but more complex and time consuming assistance will be chargeable.

To be ahead of the game at this time, please consider doing the following:
1. Familiarise yourself with either the R&P or I&E version of the “2019-20 Checklist” document available online via “Support/ Manuals/ Finance/ End of Year”
2. Review your budget comparison report for anomalies where the income or expenditure exceed the budget
3. Reconcile your bank accounts on a weekly or daily basis until 31st March
4. Review your creditors and debtors to see if any need writing off
5. Identify any accruals
6. Enter your 2020/21 budget figures

Meanwhile we are going to send you another email today detailing the 2018/19 documents that we need you to upload to us so that we are ready to assist you in April.

Best regards,

Roland Potter
Product Consultant