AdvantEDGE Allotments allows the user to manage the administration of multiple allotment sites.

Main Features

• Management of allotment sites and holders
• Paperless administration includes headed stationery, outbound email, and attachments
• Manage waiting list
• Allotment details include:
• Plot reference, size and extra details e.g. greenhouse
• Flexible charging including water charge, key deposit etc
• Financial details and history
• Inspection details & history
• Photographs and documents
• Dashboard e.g. number of vacancies and number on waiting list
• Document templates for mail merge including reminder notices, invoices, allotment agreements and notices to quit etc
• Workflow to simplify start of year procedure
• Annual renewals easily produced in a batch and can be emailed directly to holders
• Comprehensive reports
• All reports are easily previewed, printed, exported to PDF or Word, and emailed directly to recipients
• Integrates with the AdvantEDGE Finance
• Transfer receipts to Finance module
• Integrates with InspectEDGE for allotment inspections
• Ruggedized InspectEDGE tablet and App available separately
• Inspections details and photographs recorded by InspectEDGE are saved in AdvantEDGE Allotments
• Mapping
• Links with digital maps created by Pear Technology, charged separately

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