HeritEDGE is a digital mapping service designed for Epitaph that utilises the digital maps created and maintained by Pear Technology. HeritEDGE also provides a genealogical search facility that can be incorporated into the website for the burial authority or crematorium.



Pear Technology are the recommended mapping partners for Epitaph.


Epitaph links with all 4 of Pear mapping products; Web Mapping, Map Link, PT Mapper and Pear GIS

• Web Mapping provides a quick and simple link between Epitaph and Pear’s digital map. The maps are hosted by Pear and that simplifies the map update service that Pear provides.

• MapLink provides more functionality than Web Mapping, including printing maps and a facility to colour code plots on the map, for instance display burial or garden plots available for leasing in a colour of your choice.

• PT Mapper is a map editing tool that can be used to keep the maps up to date if you preferred to do that instead of engaging Pear to make the updates.

• Pear GIS is the successor to MapLink and PT Mapper and is still under development.

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