AdvantEDGE Facilities enables management of bookings for facilities such as a Village Hall, Community Centre, Leisure Centre, Sports Club etc. It also allows market administration for the booking, charging and layout of market stalls.

The main features provided are:

  • Multiple facilities such as playing fields, halls, room hire, market stalls, etc
  • Individual or repeat booking of facility/stall on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or particular dates
  • Booking of associated facilities (e.g. kitchen required)
  • Booking of items of equipment (e.g. Overhead projectors, teas and coffees, market stall table and canopy)
  • Allows for future rate changes to be taken into account for future bookings
  • Production of booking confirmation/invoices/receipts per booking or for multiple bookings
  • Allows for deposits, refundable deposits, part payments
  • Capabilities for dealing with special discounts/surcharges
  • Reports for facilities, hirers/stallholders (customers), financial
  • Integrates with AdvantEDGE Finance
    • Income transactions can be transferred to the Finance module
    • Transfer invoices/ deposits/ part payments/ balances for bookings to Finance
  • Integrates with AdvantEDGE Service Manager
    • Staff bookings can be made and are automatically entered into the timesheets module
    • Staff rosters are available for individual staff members
    • Hirers’ (Customers) details can be imported from the customer database within Service Manager
  • Full Support and Training

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